‘Stranger’ Nam Gyu-hong PD, said his feeling about the controversial over the immitation of ‘Jjak’, after ending his show

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Stranger’ Nam Gyu-hong, PD, opened his mouth calmly about the fact that his hit work ‘Jjak’ got off amid controversy over the death of the cast.

On the morning of the 28th, at DDMC in Sangam-dong, Seoul, a media interview with PD Nam Gyu-hong, co-produced by NQQ and Discovery Channel Korea, was held.

During his tenure at SBS, PD Nam Gyu-hong is a person who is being evaluated for opening the horizon of real love programs for the general public through the hit program ‘Jjak’. Nam PD, who came back with a long-awaited new program, said, “After SBS came out, I went to China and set up a production company. I stopped doing one last year. It’s a work that has been resting for a long time and then comes back.” He explained the background behind the launch of ‘Stranger’

He said, “I can do a lot of new things, but in a way, it could be an adventure, but the best thing I do is ‘I won’t fail.” He said, “I thought that viewers who loved ‘Jjak’ would watch any channel.”

‘Jjak’ has been broadcasted in popularity amid the controversy and love of viewers since 2011, but in 2014, it ended amid an unpleasant controversy in which an accident occurred in which a female performer died on the set. A related question emerged from the point that ‘Stranger’ is a real dating program for the general public that proceeds in a format similar to ‘Jjak’.

“There is a thing in my life that has become more common in my life,” said Nam Gyu-hong. “It can be like that or that, and once a program is made, it will die someday. I don’t think there is an eternal program.” It’s always a problem to lose, but it’s similar to the past, and don’t think too sensitively to those things.”

He added, “It happened, but life goes on and the program goes on. I don’t think there is a need to relate to it.”

‘Strangers’ is a program that contains the love stories of 12 men and women who have come to ‘Strange Village 133’, where only love is the purpose. PD Nam Gyu-hong, who succeeded in SBS ‘Jjak’, is making a sensation with the program presented on Sky TV.


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