‘Taste of Wife’ Ham So-won and Jin Hua, daughter’s high fever but don’t know her resident number

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Ham So-won and Jin Hua couple were confused by the sudden high fever of their daughter Hye-jung.

In the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Taste of Wife’, which aired on the 27th, Hye-jung, the daughter of a couple, had a high fever.

Jin Hua said, “You have to go to hospital as soon as possible. There is no way at home.”

Nevertheless, when the fever did not go down, the couple eventually took Hye-jung to the hospital. The nurse asked, “What is Hye-jung’s social registration number?”, and Ham So-won and Jin Hua were puzzled. Because they couldn’t remember the last digit of their daughter’s social registration number.

Ham So-won urgently called the sitter’s aunt, but he also did not know Hye-jung’s social security number, and Park Myung-soo, who watched this, said, “You must bring your medical insurance card or baby notebook. You can also contact the hospital where you were born.”

Ham So-won sent Jin Hua home and asked him to bring a baby handbook with the resident registration number on it. Ham So-won cried, “I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t take anything.”

Jin Hua quickly went to house and returned to the hospital in search of a baby notebook, but what he brought was a maternity notebook. As a result, the voices of the two increased. Evolution said, “Don’t you know your social security number because you’ve become a mother?” But Ham So-won fought with a raised voice saying, “You’re a dad, why don’t you know?”

Fortunately, there was a copy of Hye-jung’s passport on Ham So-won’s cell phone, and the situation was over. Hye-jung was also diagnosed with a sore throat, not a major illness, so the couple could breathe a sigh of relief.


Photo| TV Chosun broadcast screen capture

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