‘Yoo Quiz’ Budaejigae-Pork Belly-Seafood-Coffee…

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’ will have a gourmet talk with people who know the taste of Pork, which is the No. 1 restaurant menu in Korea, to Budaejigae, seafood, rice wine, and coffee.

tvN ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’, which airs on the 28th, presents a special feature of ‘Delicious Guys’. Budaejigae enthusiast, makgeolli company representative, butcher shop representative, fish columnist, coffee shop representative Ja-nim appears as a YOOQUIZER and tells a colorful story on the theme of ‘taste’.

First of all, game caster Wolf Schröder, known as a mania of Budaejigae, reveals his love for Budaejigae, shares his first impression he ate the food in Korea 11 years ago. After eating Budaejigae, he became a Budaejigae enthusiast. An American-style honest talk like ‘Korean American’ is going to trigger laughter. In addition, it raises curiosity that it added fun by frankly expressing his affection for Korea, saying, “I want to continue living in Korea,” saying, “I want to continue living in Korea,” while exploding the salivary glands of Yoo Jae-seok and Jo Se-ho with a specific taste for Budaejigae.

The talk with Kim Ki-hwan, the representative of the makgeolli company, who has kept the tradition of 100 years, also continues. Only passion for makgeolli Hanaro 3 employees, annual sales of 200 million won in the company that has grown 100 times in 10 years, his tireless spirit is revealed. In addition, we visit the home theater for interesting stories surrounding makgeolli, such as common sense of makgeolli, the reason makgeolli sales increase on a rainy day, and ‘makgeolli (makgeolli and jeon)’ called a honey combination as well as ‘chimac (chicken and beer)’.

Kim Jae-won, who abandoned KAIST because of his love for pork, attracted attention with his pork enthusiastic moment. After graduating from KAIST, he was selected as a scholarship student from the US Department of State and prepared to study abroad, revealing a little peculiar history of transforming into a butcher representative. He started selling freshly slaughtered pork, the story of eating 500kg of pork at 3 hours and 3 meals for a long period of 6 months, as well as the know-how of grilling and eating pork belly deliciously. It is expected to make you fall in love.

Kim Ji-min, the largest fishery information community operator and fish columnist in Korea, answers all questions about seafood. As a seafood expert, who gives advice to CEO Paik Jong-won, she talks about everything about seafood: from misunderstandings and truths about aquatic products to how to choose fresh and tasty seafood, and how to avoid being solicited in the fish market. It is said that aquatic enthusiasts, big babes, and babes also poured out storm reactions and created a friendly atmosphere.

Kim Yong-deok, the representative of a coffee shop that made Gangneung into a coffee mecca, shares his success story. After undergoing honorary retirement as an IMF, he vividly confesses the fierce history of life, which has not been resting for a single day for 20 years, until the establishment of a cafe with annual sales of KRW 36 billion. Even though he has been reborn as one of the best coffee makers in Korea from the CEO of Gyeongyangsik, who started after quitting the company, it seems that his work and life will capture attention, saying, “I will create a global coffee company.”

PD Kim Min-seok, who was in charge of directing, said, “In the special feature of ‘Delicious Guys’ broadcast today, when it comes to ‘taste’, they meet and go on a people trip. The delicious stories with the gourmets, who are said to be in the future, will provide pleasure to stimulate the five senses.” Meanwhile, tvN ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’ will be aired at 8:40 pm on the 28th.


Photo courtesy| tvN ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block’

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