Bodybuilder Kim Ki-joong died today (29th)… A virus infection during undertaking cupping lead him to dead

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Bodybuilder Kim Ki-joong’s death was held today (29th).

Kim Ki-joong, who died suddenly on the 27th, died at 6:30 a.m. His dead body will be buried in Incheon. Kim Ki-joong, who was in good health enough to have won several competitions including the ‘2019 Fitness Star Bucheon Muscle Grand Prix’, suddenly died because of bacterial infection.

Kim Ki-joong said on the SNS on the 8th, “I have become a bacterial infection due to the cupping of an oriental clinic,” and “I am currently undergoing surgery and hospitalization at the hospital.” He said, “On September 30, I saw swelling on my shoulders and armpits, so I went to the local oriental clinic to open the cup. It took a day or two to open the cup twice. In the meantime, I made a hole in the wound in the cupping area and a lot of pus and pus came out. Through that hole, germs entered the whole body,” he explained. Kim Ki-joong also said, “October 3, I was very sick, so I came to the emergency room right away. My kidneys, potassium, and electrolyte functions were broken due to the bacterial level. Fortunately, now I have lowered the level and are trying to recover the surgery area.” Not only that, he also revealed that he would take legal action after taking care of himself.

In response to the news of Kim Ki-joong’s sudden death, netizens responded with “Rest in Peace”, “I hope that my resentment is cleared”.

Photo| Kim Ki-joong SNS
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