‘How are you?’ Ovan X Lunch, today (29th) duet single ‘Paris’ released

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Ovan returns with the duet single ‘Paris’, produced with Lunch.

On the 29th, Ovan’s agency, Romantic Factory, said, “The single’Paris (Paris)’ sung by Ovan and Lunch as a duet will be released through the music site before 6 pm today.”

This single ‘Paris’ is a song produced by VAN.C, who created ‘How are you’ and ‘It’s raining’ along with Ovan, and worked with Ovan and Lunch.

According to the agency, the two have been collaborating with Lunch’s debut song ‘Remember, Goodbye’. Afterwards, Ovan’s ‘How are you’ became even more popular after the release of the answer version of the lunch last May, and both the original song and the answer are on a long run at the top of the chart due to the synergy of the two.

In addition, the lunch has continued a strong relationship by participating in the chorus of Ovan’s new song ‘Congratulations’, which was recently released to help with the work.

As Ovan achieved good results through the duet song ‘It’s Raining’, which was previously shown with So-Yoo, many music fans’ expectations are also gathering for this sound source prepared with the lunch.

The music video was also played by director Kang Min-joon, who directed ‘How are you’ and the role of the male protagonist was added to the fun of watching Singer Joosik, who released a duet album ‘Would you turn off the lights’, with Ovan.


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