‘It’s me’ Park Joon-geum surprised at a man who looks like Na Hoon-ah “I thought he’s Na Hoon-ah”

[Intern reporter Lee Hae-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Korean trot legend Na Hoon-ah and Nam Jin’s doppelgänger, loved for his hot stage manners, visit ‘It’s me’.

On the 30th broadcast of MBN’s ‘It’s me’, famous products resembling real people appear in shock enough to shock the certification team and viewers. In particular, the back statement that even the authentication team fell into confusion over the appearance of those who copied the basics, gestures and fashion of the actual characters’ voices.

Dopplegangers of Na Hoon-ah, who has recently captured viewers with a remarkable special stage, and singer Nam Jin, who is loved by the public for his active activities, appeared on the hot stage. They showed off their prowess as each singer for a long time, and perfectly digested Na Hoon-ah’s ’18-year-old Soon-i’ and Nam Jin’s ‘With You’. 15-year-old Na Hoon-ah doppleganger singer Kwon Tae-sik has a unique hairstyle and jeans. The fashion represented by Nam Jin was recreated as it is, and Jeong Jong-gi, a singer of Nam Jin vocie immitation in the 9th year, shocked everyone by copying Nam Jin’s own stage manners 100% the same.

Actress Park Joon-geum, who watched their stage, said, “I thought that Na Hoon-ah really came out, and my heart trembled. It was like watching their concert in front of me.” Kwon Tae-sik said, “These days, top singers like me are having a difficult situation because the stage was cut off due to the COVID-19. I hope that more diverse opportunities will come with the stage of ‘It’s me’.” Jong-ki Jung also conveyed a message saying, “It is a difficult time, but I hope that many people will strengthen themselves after seeing the stage of people like us.”

MBN ‘It’s me’ is broadcast every Friday at 9:50 pm.


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