‘Penthouse’, Viewers’ limited age is over 19 due to the controversy over the obscenity [Official]

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Penthouse’, which was controversial with obscenity, broadcasts some episodes to viewers over 19 years old.

An official from SBS said on Maeil Business Daily Star Today on the 29th, “We will organize the 4th episode of ‘Penthouse’, which will be broadcast on November 3, to viewers aged 19 and over.”

He added, “The 3rd episode broadcast on the 2nd will be broadcast to viewers over the age of 15 as before,” he added. “We will continue to adjust the rating through deliberation at that time.”

SBS’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Penthouse’ is a new work by writer Kim Soon-ok and has garnered much attention even before the broadcast. However, on the 27th broadcast on the 27th, the Hera Palace children, who appeared as middle school students, tied the hands of Min Seol-ah (Jo Su-min), who had deceived her age, locked them in the car and sprinkled champagne, and the scenes of teasing the car with a stick were controversial. .

Afterwards, on the bulletin board of viewers of ‘Penthouse’, “The drama content is very stimulating. I am worried that children will see and learn about violent scenes”, “The setting of verbally stepping on and assaulting third-year junior high school students is too much”, “The appearance of youth kidnapping and confining adolescents of their age and engaging in physical and verbal violence is harmful to children. Dozens of articles criticizing the broadcast have been posted.

On the other hand, ‘Penthouse’ depicts a story of a 100-floor penthouse Queen’ vs.’Primadona’ of the desire to swallow everything VS A woman, seeking an opportunity for joining the elite society that happens in a posh town, known as the most expensive house price and the fierce competition for children’s education.


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