‘Stranger’ Mr. Yoon interview → 600kg potato war… Death decision race

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

In episode 3 of the reality dating program ‘Stranger’, Mr. Yoon’s interview with tear and a whopping 600kg of potato war unfolded.

In episode 3 of ‘Strangers’ co-produced by NQQ and Discovery Channel Korea, which aired on the 28th, an interview with tear was released in which Mr. Yoon’s life history was compressed.

The interview, which lasted for more than five minutes, revealed the reason why Mr. Yoon did his best in everything so far in Stranger Village. Mr. Yoon, who said that he obtained a license as a labor manager and started a business right away while working in the public service, was sincere, but he was poor, so he brought out the story of his sad father.

That’s why he became a destination-oriented Mr. Yoon, both in dating and in getting a date right. It was the moment when ‘Stranger’ took a step further from the existing love psychological reality and captured the appearance of a miniature version of life.

In the ‘Potato War’ for dating chance, a fierce battle unfolded with the original appeal of male strangers. The performers who were attracted to the words of the production crew, ‘I will give the mission winner the authority to date someone they want.’ However, a 600kg super-sized potato bag appeared, and all the performers entered a state of tension due to the feeling of overbearing just by looking at them.

On the other hand, Mr. Yoon, who started his own fight by focusing on doing his best rather than the mission ‘Put 80 kg of potatoes in a bag’, moved more than 130 kg of potatoes while undressing his jacket in heavy rain. Did not do it. Other male performers were only watching him with his teeth, devoted only to moving potatoes. He stopped only after filling his bag with potatoes, and the female performers who were watching were also surprised.

Mr. Choi, who acquired the right to date in the potato war, enjoyed dating Miss Shin, as in the last choice, while the big Miss Kim, who won the ‘Roll Away Potatoes’, was directed to Mr. Lim, not Mr. Yoon. This unexpected choice made even the other male Strangers who had been suffocating with Mr. Yoon’s straight love, and the Stranger Village fell into a whirl of love.

In the next preview, ‘Balcony Propose’, reminiscent of the movies Romeo and Juliet, was broadcast, and announced that the time for the final selection of Stranger 1 was approaching. Until now, various choices have been mixed each time, and attention is paid to who will become Stranger’s #1 couple.

‘Stranger’ is broadcast on NQQ and Discovery Channel every Wednesday at 10:30 pm. In addition, KT’s OTT service Seezn  will be pre-released every Wednesday and Thursday for a week.


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