Sweet Sorrow X IU, today (29) “small room” released in the fall … Emotional sniper

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Vocal group Sweet Sorrow (In Ho-jin, Song Woo-jin, Kim Young-woo) and singer IU has released a new song “Small Room” and soak the sensibility of the listener.

Sweet Sorrow is 6:00 pm on the 29th through various sources the site announced a special single ‘small room’ were with IU and meet the fans. It is a comeback 11 months after the release of the 5th regular album PART.1 ‘NEW DAY’ in November last year.

Especially collect this new song ‘small room’ has appeared as a guest expects more from you ‘Ten Ten Club Sweet Sorrow “and cultivated ties singer IU is participating in featured.

New song “Small Room” is expected to bring a deep resonance to the song to convey comfort to many people who struggle due to the ongoing pandemic. With Sweet Sorrow, IU’s unique voice boast a complete respiratory listeners. Sweet Sorrow member Kim Young-woo wrote and composed, and jazz pianist Song Young-ju and Park In-young strengthened the string arrangement to enhance the completeness.

In addition, Sweet Sorrow added richness by putting more than 100 recorded tracks in a ‘small room’ like a masterpiece of harmony.

Kim Young-woo of Sweet Sorrow lyrics, compose this song is made to think of IU through when he writes lyrics of the song. “I want to say appreciation to IU for collaborating with my band, welcoming my suggestion, even with her busy schedule. Until the end of the production of this new album, IU did her best for great songs.” said Kim Young-woo.

Sweet Sorrow Company said, “The new song ‘Small Room’ is a song prepared with the best effort for the fans who have been waiting for Sweet Sorrow’s music for a long time. It will raise the emotional index of fans on an autumn night.” I ask for a lot of love for the ‘small room’.”

Sweet Sorrow also plans to publish and communicate with fans a variety of stories about special single ‘small room (Feat. IU), through the official Youtube channel, “Sweet Sorrow Company” at 9:00 on the 29th night.


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