‘The Day Shall Come’ Non-violent Revolutionary Records FBI Agent, Wrong Meeting

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘The Day Shall Come’ confirmed its release in November and released a teaser poster and teaser trailer.

The movie ‘The Day Shall Come’, which was baptized overseas for its pleasant character and novel story, was confirmed to be released in November and released a teaser poster and a teaser trailer. ‘The Day Shall Come’ is an unpredictable crime comedy that depicts the story of a non-violent revolutionary Moses (Marchánt Davis) trying to save a monthly rent due to the risk of being expelled from a farm, and getting involved with a successful FBI agent Kendra (Anna Kendrick).

Trust is added with the joining of veteran production crews that have been recognized by the audience such as ‘The King’s Speech’, ‘Carol’, and ‘Billy Elliot’. Based on the true stories that are frequently occurring in the present era, it enhances the sense of reality and at the same time expects the birth of a high-quality comedy. As a result, the film was released, and at the same time, the leading media and critics poured out favorable reviews, stimulating curiosity about the film.

Actress Anna Kendrick, who was nominated for the Academy and Golden Globes with her acting skills in any genre, from the series ‘A Simple Favor’, ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘Troll’ series, is expected to make a laugh by playing the role of Kendra, an FBI agent with a record. The poor non-violent Moses role, approached by Kendra, who lights up his eyes for a promotion and seeks results, was played by Marchánt Davies. Having made his feature debut with this work, he was decomposed into Moses, the leader of ‘Star of Six’, a group that prepares for a revolution with somewhat lax and erratic equipment such as a toy crossbow and a horn that summons dinosaurs. It is expected to add. Such an unpredictable encounter between two people with different purposes will give the audience an unpredictable comedy.

The teaser poster that has been released draws attention as it contains the favorable comments pouring out toward the ‘The Day Shall Come’ that swept overseas and predicted a domestic landing. “Laughter that turns the world upside down, it’s wonderfully fun (LA Times)”, “Smart and very funny (Hollywood Reporter)”, “Ingenious and individual (Film Bunker)”, “Fast pace, witty conversation, best comedy (SF Weekly) )”, “Den of Geek”, “Witful and creepy satire (Times UK)”, “Delicate and balanced satire”, “Continue to be funny (Chicago Tribune).”, “Enough fun and a message that shows the times (We Live Entertainment)”, the highly recommended reviews for this work, which have an exquisite combination of laughter and satire, are enough to stimulate the desire to watch.

The teaser trailer is interesting, starting with the speech of Moses, the leader of ‘Star of Six’ preparing for the revolution. The appearance of Moses giving a speech while riding a horse and the members of the trainee blocking the driveway induces even greater laughter due to its natural dignity. The appearance of ‘Moses’ recruiting additional members and the FBI disguised as a sponsor and approaching him as a sponsor to support the revolutionary funding for him in need of a monthly rent herald an exciting development. The action of ‘Star of Six’, who refuses weapons and sounds a horn that calls for dinosaurs even in a crisis situation, and the appearance of the FBI surrounding them, predicts a mismatched encounter with each other and raises expectations.

‘The Day Shall Come’ will be released in November.


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