Cho Moon-geun holds a solo concert in November

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Cho Moon-geun holds a solo concert and meets fans.

Rolling Culture One said on the 30th, “Singer Cho Moon-geun, who caught the public’s ears with the cider singing method in MBN ‘Voice Trot’, has confirmed the holding of a solo concert.”

His solo concert will be held at the Hongdae Rolling Hall for 3 days from November 20 to 22, and will spend a warm and meaningful time with fans.

After winning runner-up in season 1 of the Mnet audition program ‘Super Star K’, Cho Moon-geun proved himself once again as the top 3 of MBN’s ‘Voice Trot’, which ended in success, and stood tall as a ‘strongest person in survival’ with a natural voice and tone. The audience is scheduled to visit the audience with a performance that contains the honest story of Cho Moon-geun, who showed the best in each stage of the contest, and musical change and maturity.

In particular, in this solo concert, trot songs such as ‘The Woman Out of the Window’ and ‘Chan Chan Chan’, which were hot topics in the voice trot, and the guests who appeared in the voice trot, will be surprised to appear. It is a back door that it is going to be sweet.

Rolling Hall CEO Kim Cheon-seong said, “Singer Cho Moon-geun, whose modifier is a perfect vocalist, will hold a solo concert. It will be a healing concert filled with heartfelt stories and various music that only Cho Moon-geun can tell.” I hope this will be a good time for fans who have been waiting for the concert and music fans tired of Corona 19.”

On the other hand, tickets for the ‘Cho Moon-geun Solo Concert with Cho Moon-geun Band’ are available at Interpark from 8 pm on the 30th.

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