Ham So-won ‘Establishment of a company’, after sharing the mission of her company

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Ham So-won revealed his company’s mission, and the fact that the company was founded was announced later.

On the 29th, Ham So-won posted on his Instagram on the 29th, “#Mission I was thinking about the grand motto and I wrote down how I usually live the day. Don’t laugh. There are only two employees, but… Our company was founded in 2020. It is August 15th. Long live for independence for Korea” and a photo was released.

The picture contains a capture of the KakaoTalk group chat room. Ham So-won in the chat room said, “I will tell you the motto of Ham Sowon Mall for the month of November.” “Never get tired. We have a tomorrow. But let’s work by burning today as if there is no tomorrow. Anyway, there is not much left today. Let’s go a little further today than yesterday,” he wrote.

Summarizing the posts by Ham So-won, Ham So-won established a shopping mall ‘Ham Sowon Mall’ on August 15, the day of Liberation, and currently there are two employees besides the representative Ham So-won.

Ham So-won is married to Jin Hua, a Chinese man, who’s 18 years younger than Ham, and has a daughter, Hye-jeong. She is appearing in TV Chosun ‘Taste of Wife’.


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