Kim Yoon-hee, Lee Seung-hoon’s ‘Rainy Street’ remake… Ham Chun-ho Collaboration

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‘Girls’ emotional diva’ Kim Yoon-hee meets legend guitarist Ham Chun-ho and presents a special remake single album.

According to Kmoon F&D, Kim Yoon-hee will release her first remake album ‘Rainy Street’ at noon on the 31st. It is the fourth single released in about six months since the third single ‘ABC’ released in April.

This remake album, which Kim Yoon-hee tried for the first time, started with the idea that ‘everyone loves and breaks up, but the feelings for breaking up are not the same’, and presents a variety of emotions for parting in three versions of ‘Rainy Street’. It is a work.

‘Rainy Street’, where Kim Yoon-hee challenges the remake, is a song that singer Lee Seung-hoon released in 1997 and is still loved until recently, and Kim Yoon-hee posted a cover video of ‘Rainy Street’ on her YouTube channel and received favorable reviews from netizens.

In particular, in this remake album, the best guitarist and original song player in Korea, Ham Chun-ho, participated and added meaning.

First of all, the guitar version is more remarkable in that the original song released in 1997 was newly interpreted by 18-year-old Kim Yoon-hee, born in 2002, with a moist and unique voice. The ‘Rainy Street’, which contains Kim Yoon-hee’s own clear and beautiful girlish sensibility, has been reborn as a fresher and more vague version, and Ham Chun-ho’s guitar performance has improved its completeness.

The piano version, which contains Kim Yoon-hee’s unique deep emotional ballad, is characterized by expressing dark and lonely feelings as if expressing the end of a sad love. It is a song that stands out with richer and deeper expressive power, and you can see the growth of ‘Balder Kim Yoon-hee’ and make you listen more.

Finally, the original version reinterpreted by respecting the atmosphere of the original song also gives a deep impression. For an in-depth analysis of the original song, the original player Ham Chun-ho took the guitar again. It is expected to stimulate listeners’ nostalgia as it contains Kim Yoon-hee’s unique charm while utilizing the existing sensibility.

Kim Yoon-hee debuted with the single “It Rains” in March last year and is growing into a female solo singer who is attracting attention. In November of last year, the song’I want to love myself, now I want to love more’ was released in November of last year. ‘.

The first remake single album ‘Rainy Street’ containing Kim Yoon-hee’s new challenge will be released on the music site before 12:00 noon on the 31st.

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