Lee So-ra, who waited for 8 years, “I have never watched ‘Hidden Singer’..”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

After a long wait on JTBC’s ‘Hidden Singer 6′(planning Cho Seung-wook, director Hong Sang-hoon, Shin Young-gwang), the original singer Lee So-ra, confessed that she hasn’t ever watched ‘Hidden Singer’. She embarrassed Jeon Hyun-moo by making a mistake while she’s speaking.

In ‘Hidden Singer 6’, which will be aired on the 30th, Lee So-ra, who appeared as the last original singer in season 6, appeared after the production team persuaded for eight years. Their debut album became a Million Seller, and they were all excited and excited by the appearance of ‘Singing Poet’ Lee So-ra, who consistently released numerous hit songs from the first album. MC Jeon Hyun-moo said, “I waited for Lee So-ra’s appearance for eight years,” and said, “The PD in charge, who was a rookie at the time of the pilot broadcast eight years ago, became the current entertainment director through CP.”

Lee So-ra said, “I keep doing love calls so that a wreath comes with each concert, so I thought that this program would be filled only once I came out.” However, Lee So-ra, who barely goes outside, rarely sees TV and accesses the Internet. And, she worried, saying, “I’m not used to it because I have never seen ‘Hidden Singer’.

MC Jeon Hyun-moo said, “Do you know what the program is doing?”, but Lee So-ra said, “Sure. I heard a lot of explanations before coming here.” Yet Lee Sora said, “What if I fall in the second round? It would have to last a long time…” and expressed anxiety as to whether or not to step on the train of the original singer, Jang Bum-jun, who tasted the knockout in the second round of shock in the previous episode.

In the meantime, Lee So-ra made a ‘everything mistaken mistake’ that no ancestor singer did in this round. All of the celebrity judges couldn’t shut their mouths in amazement at Lee So-ra’s mistakes that could not be picked up. Song Eun-i couldn’t hide her embarrassment, saying, “This is my first time in 8 years,” and MC Jeon Hyun-moo said, “I’ve been doing my own 8 years… I’ll work harder.”

JTBC’s ‘Hidden Singer 6’, where you can meet Lee So-ra and her famous songs that impressed many fans, will be broadcast on Friday, October 30 at 9 pm.

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