Megan Fox, special forces transformation ‘Rogue’ released in November [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Rogue’, in which Megan Fox transformed into a special forces commander, will be released in November.

In the movie ‘Rogue (director MJ Bersett), the mercenary team ‘Rogue’ of ‘Sam’ (Megan Fox) sent to rescue the governor’s daughter kidnapped by the armed group ‘Al Shabab’ is threatening with ‘Al Shabab’. It depicts the story of a struggle for survival against the pursuit of existence.

In the recently released teaser trailer, ‘Team Rogue’ unfolds the largest rescue operation on the ground and spectacular action. Megan Fox, who plays as the captain ‘Sam’ who leads the elite special force ‘Team Rogue’, sent to rescue the kidnapped governor’s daughter, appears charismatic and succeeds in rescuing the governor’s daughter after a firefight. The scene where ‘Al-Shabab’, who soon started pursuing them, blasts buildings and cars and counterattacked, raising expectations for the intense action and suspense that ‘Rogue’ will deliver.

‘Rogue’ will be released in November.

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