‘Pet Vitamin’ Lee Soo-ji, dog Baekseolgi’s reversal examination results

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Pet Vitamin’ presented a pleasant joy by revealing the life of a companion with laughter between comedian Lee Soo-ji and her dog Baekseolgi.

KBS2 entertainment program ‘Pet Vitamin’, broadcast on the 29th, recorded a viewership rating of 2.5% (based on Nielsen Korea’s metropolitan area households). This is a value that is 0.8P higher than last week and recorded its own highest ratings, proving the increasingly hot interest of viewers for ‘Pet vitamin’.

On this day’s broadcast, we presented a thrilling Thursday night with laughter and informative information from the health signal check of the dog Baekseolgi, a dog of comedian Lee Soo-ji, to the secret of a blood spot massage that is good for the spinal health of a dog. From this beginning, I started to laugh. At a glance, it seemed like twins to lay down and relax after solving a large amount of one meal.

In particular, Baekseolgi is concerned about his health because he does not pay attention to anything other than eating and does not like to move. Here, Lee Soo-ji’s mother and mother provided food for humans, and a conflict between mother and daughter over the dog-raising method exploded, causing an exciting sense of tension.

But, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Baekseolgi’s health status was normal weight, not obesity, and a reversal result of cataract and vertebral deformity in the left eye was obtained. Accordingly, U-Ventures delivered a substantial knowledge by directly showing a blood spot massage that is good for spinal health, a massage that improves energy, and a gym ball exercise method that is good for muscle training.

On the other hand, in the ‘Help Pet Bulence’ corner, where Kim Soo-chan and U-Venzers’ reassuring activities stand out, visit a cat shelter that protects over 110 cats that have been abandoned and abused by humans, and visit the paraplegic cat, Congnyangi and Miyo, the cat suffering from stomatitis met.

Lee Tae-hyung, a veterinarian, performed acupuncture on Congnyangi, who could not use his hind legs, but the unusual sight of putting acupuncture on animals aroused the interest of viewers. When the saliva stuck in his leg, Congnyangi responded by moving his hind leg, hoping that his nerves could still be alive, and decided to treat it.

Miyo, who is suffering from stomatitis, caused regret with a precarious appearance just by looking at it. Miyo, who struggled not only with food intake but also with grooming, had a body temperature of over 39 degrees, and was also transferred to the hospital by the ‘Pet Ambulance’ team, hoping for the next broadcast where full-scale diagnosis and treatment would begin.

Before heading to the hospital with Congnyangi and Miyo, Kim Soo-chan suddenly left the filming site, prompting everyone’s curiosity. I can’t wait for ‘Pet Vitamin’ at 8:30 pm on November 5th as to where Kim Soo-chan headed.


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