‘Search’ A doubt on Jang Dong-yoon, Jung Soo-jung, Yun Park, and Lee Hyun-wook

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‘North Pole’ in OCN Dramatic Cinema ‘Search’ (played by Myung-joo Ko, director Myung-woong Lee, and Hyun-woo Lee, a total of 10 episodes) is a special lease formed to solve the unknown attacks and threats initiated in the DMZ. Expectations for the strongest military synergy are increasing day by day as the elite members who boast A-class abilities have gathered. However, it turned out that there are secrets even among those who must move toward a common goal. The topic raised questions about how it will affect the story to be unfolded in the future. Therefore, we analyzed the questions that were caught in the sharp reasoning radar network of viewers.

#. Jang Dong-yoon, the only medical serviceman, the one closest to the target?

Sergeant Yong Dong-jin (Jang Dong-yoon) was ordered to join a special lease three weeks before the war. His goal was to capture the ‘children’ who took the life of his four-legged comrade ‘Leo’ and ‘let’s finish the operation as soon as possible and go home’. However, the ‘monster creatures’ that I encountered had an appearance that could never be called a human, and had a faster speed and powerful power than expected. The fact that the mercenary leader was the only one to accurately witness the face of a monster creature raised expectations that the mercenary leader will play an important role in uncovering the reality of the monster creature in the future.

#. Jung Soo-jung, the reason why she had to become a soldier

Lieutenant Son Ye-rim (Jung Soo-jung) has an unusual background. She is the daughter of Major Li Gyeong-hee (Lee Ga-kyung), who declared her intention to defect in 1997, and survived like a miracle in the arms of Han Dae-sik, who is now commander. The child was entrusted to Surgeon Paik, who was at the scene, and grew up as his guardian. And 23 years later, according to Paik (Kim In-woo)’s monologue, he objected to Lieutenant Son from becoming a soldier. It was as if Lieutenant Son became an officer who uncovered the truth of the incident that led to the death of his mother and the emergence of strange creatures in the ‘two one sector’ that followed, and that the person who joined her on a special lease ‘handled’ her in the past It is as if he foresaw a foolish joke of fate, such as that he was Han Dae-sik (Choi Deok-moon). However, Lieutenant Son still does not know about his biological parents, and Paik, the only one who knows his background, is working at a health center in Cheongong-ri village near the DMZ. I wonder what kind of disturbance the truth about Lieutenant Son will cause.

#. Yun Park, what is the path to advancement to a major that you cannot give up?

Capt. Song Min-gyu (Yun Park), who was in danger of taking off his military uniform due to the disappearance of Mr Oh (Lee Kyung-min) before being promoted to major, was given a chance of a lifetime. The order was given to kill the target within a week and resolve the subsequent disappearances and murders in the DMZ. This was why general Song put priority on the goal of ‘target kill’ rather than the team’s comfort. However, Captain Song sharply grasped the fact that “There is something more than this target kill.” The existence of Lieutenant Lee Jun-seong (Lee Hyun-wook), the vice-team leader who tackled his case in the name of the safety of the team members, was also suspicious, as well as the command of Commander Han Dae-sik to ignore the reporting system and bring it to himself if something was found in either sector. Accordingly, he realized that he was given a hand only to find out that ‘something’, and he asked an acquaintance to do a back-up investigation of the double rank. For him, who could not give up his promotion, pursuing the truth was also important.

#. Lee Hyun-wook’s reversal, is there any real purpose?

The keen touch of viewers is also directed to Lieutenant Lee Jun-seong (Lee Hyun-wook), the vice-team leader. In the last 4 episodes, with a cool expression and tone that I have never seen before, “It is a more serious situation than I thought. Captain Song Min-gyu is watching me well,” and he was caught reporting the status of the special mission operation. His reversal was a shock of another meaning because he was a double leader who took care of his team members with strong sense of responsibility and warm leadership. Looking back, Song Dae-wi said to Ha-sa Ju (Choi Yoon-je) who joined the special lease, “The only thing I recommended is you, Joo, and the rest of the members formed above.” The point implied that there is an upper line that organized a special lease with ‘purpose’. The suspicion that the real purpose of joining the special lease was amplified was amplified.

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