‘Secret royal inspector’ Kwon Nara, a small-sized courtesan transformed into a charming woman

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The steel, which stands out for Kwon Nara’s doom, was first revealed.

KBS2’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Secret royal inspector’ (director Kim Jung-min, playbook Park Seong-hun, Kang Min-seon, production iWill Media), which will be aired for the first time in December, presented a still featuring Kwon Nara’s dizzying charm.

‘Secret royal inspector’ is a thrilling comic mystery rhetoric by Secret royal inspector and the inspector group, a secret investigator of the royal family of the Joseon Dynasty, which eradicates corruption and relieves people’s resentment against corruption.

In the play, Nara Kwon plays Damo Hong Da-in, who thoroughly conceals her status as a courtesan. Hong Da-in (played by Kwon Na-ra) is a well-received beauty of Hwang Jin-i’s beauty and spirit of argument. However, the prostitute is only a position necessary for the investigation, and in fact, her real identity is Damo, who is performing a mission under the disguise of his identity in order to secretly investigate the corruption of the yangbang family.

Hong Da-in, the daughter of the royal family, is said to be living in hiding due to a tragic family history as a child. However, in an attempt to approach the truth of the past, he joined as a member of the inspector division led by Seong Yi-gyeom(Kim Myung-soo).

In the unveiled stills, Nara Kwon is showing off a visual like a reputed beauty. The red jeogori dressed in finely dressed like the best courtesan of Joseon, highlights the beauty of Dodoham itself. In addition, the cold eyes, as if looking down at the opponent with folded arms in front of the kibang, are also exuding an aura that cannot be touched.

Kwon Na-ra, who has been concealed as a courtesan, becomes Secret royal inspector and raises the curiosity of prospective viewers as to what kind of activity he will perform to punish the crowd that disturbs society.

KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Secret royal inspector’, which will show the realization of a cool society of justice, will be broadcast in December.


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