Yoon Seung-ah, Lee Hyun-yi, Jang Do-yeon Halloween Party “Is this right?”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Yoon Seung-ah released a verification shot of the Halloween party with model Lee Hyun-yi and broadcaster Jang Do-yeon.

On the 29th, Yoon Seung-ah shared a video on social media, saying, “Is it correct to do this for the Halloween party? Feat. Lee Hyun-yi, Jang Do-yeon and Ravi to be released on Seung-ah-rown(Thanks for my loves together)”.

In the released video, Yoon Seung-ah, Lee Hyun, and Jang Do-yeon posing in Halloween costumes. The three people then turn round and round and draw attention with each other’s shoulders.

Jang Do-yeon, who saw the video, left a comment saying, “I think your costume is just ruined haha.” Lee Hyun also wrote, “I don’t think you need to change your costume, haha.”

Yoon Seung-ah married actor Kim Mu-yeol in 2015. She is communicating with her fans through her personal YouTube channel.


Photo|Sunga Yoon SNS

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