“Afflicted couple” Baek Seung-il “My wife doesn’t open the door” Hong Ju’s reaction?

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Baek Seung-il and singer Hong-ju from ‘Boy Cheon Ha Jangsa’ turn upside down the studio of ‘Afflicted Couple’ with a hot bedroom talk.

SKY Channel A co-produced with 2 albums broadcasted in earnest couple talk show for over 19 years old viewers ‘Difficulty couples who want to get hot again’ Baek Seung-il, who broke the record of Kang Ho-dong and became the youngest business in the world at the age of 17, after 6 months of debut Trot singer wife Hong Ju, who has been married for 9 years with him, appears.

Baek Seung-il, who is currently active as a trot singer with his wife, said, “I fell in love with my wife at first sight. I accidentally saw him appear as the invited singer on TV, but he was so good at singing that I was lying on the sofa and quickly got up.” He said, “It was my style,” and said, “It was my style.” He said he wanted to meet.

So, Hong Ju, who fatally met her husband Baek Seung-il, said, “At the first meeting with my husband, my husband was running because he was bent with his tabi’s feet and I was so scared.” “From the first day we met, it was very difficult because he tried not to send me home. Even if I had a schedule for tomorrow, it was stupid,” she said. “If he can’t take it ten times, he pick it out with his strength.”

Hong Ju, who continued the story, said, “When I met for the third time after a relationship, I was very puzzled because my husband didn’t get out of the car even though I arrived at the place I was supposed to go to.”

In addition, my husband, Baek Seung-il, said, “I really wanted to appear in ‘Afflicted Couple’. This person won’t open the door,” revealing that there are hidden concerns even for the pleasant couple.

The dating story of Baek Seung-il and Hong Ju couple and the hot bedroom talk battle will be unveiled on the 2nd in ‘Afflicted Couples’.


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