Ben, Sanjeok TV surprise appearance…eating meats with Bab Gupnam

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Ben exudes a variety of charms by performing an all-time whole meat eating room.

On the afternoon of the 31st of last month, Ben’s whole meat eating video was released on the channel ‘Sanjeok TV’.

In the broadcast, Ben stimulated the salivary glands by drinking cold beer with meat grilled over a charcoal fire. Not only did he prepare the nightgwanmunju, which he made himself, but also drew attention because he did not spare a realistic description of the taste along with the food room.

There was also a live time for viewers. Ben received the requested song on the spot, crossing various genres from sweet ballads such as ‘Dearing’, ‘180 degrees’, ‘Bad Guy’, ‘Whenever Wherever Whatever’ and ‘Like a Dream’ to ‘Looby Loo’ with cute dance. A cool live show delighted the eyes and ears of fans.

Ben provoked a hot reaction by digesting the unaccompanied live with his unique cool and sweet voice. Bab Gupnam was also surprised by saying, “I live only by listening to the sound of an elk, but listening to Ben’s song made me goosebumps.”

In particular, Ben attracted explosive attention by giving a surprise spoiler, such as revealing some of the new songs and a specific release schedule of ‘Night to Have Alone Drink’, which is scheduled to be released in December. With more than 10,000 viewers coming to Ben and Bab Gupnam’s live broadcast, expectations for Ben’s activities are rising.

Ben’s new song ‘The Night I Want to Drink’ is scheduled to be released on December 2nd.

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