Lee Do-hyun, a popular star, made his fans angry…What happened?

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Some fans of actor Lee Do-hyun were angry. It is because of the suspicion that the fans gave birthday gifts to their girlfriends.

On the 2nd, a post was posted on Twitter saying that Lee Do-hyun gave her a pig hat, which she received as a birthday gift from her fans, to her girlfriend. The author said, “Is there an actor who authenticates a birthday gift? There is an actor who even clicks like”. A photo of a woman wearing a pig hat and Lee Do-hyun’s non-public account who liked the photo were captured.

It is not possible to accurately confirm whether the hat was actually a gift from a fan, but some fans expressed their consent to this claim, and the feelings of betrayal and disappointment toward Lee Do-hyun cannot be hidden.

Eventually, the ‘Supporters’ activities that actively support Lee Do-hyun were stopped. Lee Do-hyun’s supporters, Lee Do-Love, said on the official Twitter on the day, “We are notifying you that there is an inquiry to request a refund. Since support is already in progress, refunds are difficult, and the remaining amount is considered to be donated to a group of abandoned dogs. And after that, Edoable also plans not to provide further support.”

Such public opinion is not the majority of opinions on Lee Do-hyun, but it is spreading through online communities and SNS, and among fans, curiosity about the authenticity of the suspicion is amplifying.

Lee Do-hyun is currently appearing in JTBC ’18 Again’.


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