‘The Return of Superman’ Na-eun, Jinwoo’s parenting expert feeding baby food… Lovely siblings

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘The Return of Superman’, Jinwoo’s loveliness captivated viewers’ hearts.

Episode 354 of KBS2’s ‘The Return of Superman’, which aired on the 1st, was decorated with the subtitle ‘I met you and fully blossomed’. Among them, Jinwoo, the youngest member of the Jingunnably(Na-eun, Gun-hoo and Jin-woo) family, squeezed the hearts of the viewers of the home theater with his breathtaking cuteness.

Jinwoo, which was first released in the last broadcast, became a hot topic for her cuteness that resembles Na-eun and Gun-hoo. Along with this, her pure personality that does not cry even when she wakes up alone attracted the attention of fans. Accordingly, the clip video of Jinwoo’s appearance exceeded 600,000 views (based on Naver TV) within a week of broadcasting, leading to an explosive reaction.

In the broadcast that day, we could see Jinwoo’s loveliness in more detail. After my mother went out, the time for the three brothers and sisters of Jingunnably and father Joo-ho’s story began. At this time, Jinwoo exudes cuteness by playing well without siblings, Naeun and Gunhoo, who help Joo-ho and his dad, who are busy making food. The appearance of walking around alone in a walker and Jinwoo playing with the beats that Kun-hoo gave was the sezel ear itself.

Also, the appearance of the brothers and sisters taking care of Jinwoo drew attention. In particular, Jinwoo, who refused the baby food given by his father, and the baby food given by his older sister Na-eun, made the viewers burst with bread. Next, Na-eun taught his father how to feed baby food and released a great tip for parenting masters. Gun-hoo, who saw this, also participated in feeding Jinwoo’s baby food, causing heart attack.

In addition, the harmony of the Jingunnably family who washed Jinwoo together and played together made the hearts of viewers warm. It is expected that the loveliness of the  family who does everything together, like the quote “It is important to do together,” said by Na-eun on this day, will bring healing to viewers in the future.

‘The Return of Superman’ is broadcast every Sunday at 9:15 pm.


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