Cho Jae-ryong joins ‘Fly Dragon’… Notice of intense presence

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Cho Jae-ryong joined SBS’s new Friday and Saturday drama ‘Fly, Dragon’.

‘Fly, Dragon’ (director Kwak Jeong-hwan, screenplay Park Sang-gyu, planning & production Studio & New, Investment Wavve) is a hot story between two men who represent the voices of victims of justice who are framed unfairly. Here, Cho Jae-ryong, who has been well received for his intense acting, has confirmed the appearance and raising expectations.

Jang Hae-yeol, played by Cho Jae-ryong, is a detective who was in charge of the Samjeong City Grassland Super case, and is a character who does not choose water for investigation.

Cho Jae-ryong caught the attention with his acting perfectly melted into the characters in each of the films he appeared in, such as ‘Hundred Days’ and ‘Money Game’. In particular, in JTBC’s ‘The Good Detective’ which ended last August, the viewers were properly marked with a hot performance and intense glance acting.

The expectation is rising as to what kind of appearance Jo Jae-ryong will show in this ‘Fly, Dragon’, who shows method acting in every work and raises the sense of immersion.

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