‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ Go A-ra Lee Jae-wook revealed the points of the second act

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Go A-Ra and Lee Jae-wook of ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ gave a point of watching the second act that will become more exciting and dynamic.

KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ (director Minkyung Kim, playwright Jiyoung Oh, production Monster Union) begins the second act starting from the 9th episode broadcast on the 4th. Gura-ra (played by Go Ara) and Sun Woo-jun (played by Jae-wook Lee), who were intertwined in a quick relationship, became the closest beings to each other. The two who confirmed their hearts announced the beginning of a sweet romance, but at the same time, a thrilling relationship change and a crisis were predicted. Various variables such as Choo Min-soo (played by Choi Kwang-je) who pursued Sun Woo-jun found Lara Land, and the reverse identity of Sun Woo-jun who deceived her age What remains. With curiosity amplifying in the development of the second half, Go Ara and Lee Jae-wook directly conveyed the points of the second act.

Go A-ra picked Goo Lara and Seonwoo Jun’s ‘deep romance’. She said, “I think it would be nice if you immerse yourself in the real romance of Lara and Jun, who are shining like the title. It will be more interesting if you compare before and after confirming each other’s feelings.”

Goo Lara and Seonwoo Jun, the two young men who crash landed on an unfamiliar Eunpo with their respective stories, became each other’s ‘little stars’ and shared joy and sorrow. In the most memorable scene of Goa, I pointed out what Goo Lara wanted to support by saying, “Think of me as a family,” to Seonwoo Jun. Go A-ra said, “It was a word that could comfort Lara, who lost everything in an instant, and Jun, who seemed to be lonely somewhere,” and said, “The affliction of the word ‘family’ is well evident. It was a scene that was there.” In addition, she said, “Episodes where you can feel the joys and sorrows through the relationship and chemistry between the characters who will deepen deeper are waiting for you,” and “Please warm attention and love until the end”, encouraging the viewing with affection.

Lee Jae-wook predicted that the second act would be more interesting with stories that have not yet been revealed. He said, “The story after the two confirm each other’s feelings seems to be a more unpredictable series of reversals than the previous developments. I hope you can watch without letting go of tension as to what kind of situations will lead,” saying, “It’s not over until the end”, adding to the expectation.

Lee Jae-wook, who picked the 8th ending where Goo Lara and Seonwoo Jun kissed for the first time, as a memorable scene, said, “The two people standing in the background of the beautiful view of Mokpo, the filming location, were sad and beautifully drawn. Lee Jae-wook then said to the viewers who love the pleasant and warm sensibility of the work, “I feel grateful that our drama can be a calm healing to the viewers. In the future, exciting stories will be unfolded beautifully and pleasantly, so please stay with us until the end.” He encouraged the shooter with a sincere greeting.

‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ episode 9 will be broadcast on the 4th at 9:30 pm.


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