Dynamic Duo Today (3rd)’THEN TO NOW’ project to the US “Inspiration from GWS” [Question and Answer]

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Dynamic Duo (Gaeko, Choi Ja) will release a new song ‘SOON (Feat. BewhY)’.

‘SOON’ is a song that expresses the desire to overcome all together with the belief that although everyone is tired and frustrated in the present situation, it will get better soon. BewhY, who is appearing on Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 9’as the same producer team, participates in the feature, giving a foreboding the power of the hip-hop scene legend ‘Dynamic Trio’.

Prior to the release of ‘SOON’, which is receiving hot attention only with such a message and name, the dynamic duo revealed the points and the story behind the new song for music fans to enjoy ‘SOON’ more specially.

One question and one answer with the following Ddynamic Duo.

Q. How do you feel about announcing the single that marks the end of the 15th Anniversary Project of Amoeba Culture?

A. Choi Ja: I feel like the projects of the 15th anniversary of Amoeba Culture are almost over. I think this new song goes well with this year rather than connecting it to the 15th anniversary. In fact, this year is the first thing everyone around the world has experienced, so many people will have a hard time, but I hope that ‘SOON’ will relieve any pain and receive comfort.

Q. What kind of idea was ‘SOON’ a song created with an emphasis?

A. Gaeko: I was inspired by comments from fans. When I injured my arm, many people wrote ‘GWS’ in the comments, but to find out what this means, it’s an abbreviation for ‘Get well soon’. I thought it would be fun to make a song with this, so I made a note of the things that came to mind and referenced it a lot when I was working on a song sketch.

Q. After ‘Show Me the Money 9’, what is the breath of BewhY who also worked on this song?

A. Gaeko: Since before, I had a lot of breathing with BewhY, and I often contacted each other. Then, a suggestion came as to how if we could try the same producer team for ‘Show Me the Money 9’, but we didn’t even think about it and said ‘I want to do it together.’ Because BW is an artist who is building a musical career right now, his passion is tremendous. I thought it would be fun if those points were combined with what we had before.

A. Choi Ja: That seems to have led to this album, and for now, the three seem to fit very well. It’s really fun just when the three are chatting or sharing ideas. I enjoyed the process of spending time together because BW is a bright and healthy friend.

Q. Are there any memorable song work and music video shooting episodes?

A. Choi Ja: There is one thing that remains in my memory right now. My friend who wrote this song is a friend in the United States, and when I was working on a mix after I finished recording the song, there was something wrong with the starting point between the tracks. So I contacted this friend to get the song again, but since I was in the United States, I remember having a hard time because the time difference didn’t match.

A. Gaeko: The music video was filmed on Ganghwa Island, but it was really cold because it was in front of the sea. It reminded me of the time to shoot the music video for ‘Spicy Hot Dangeo (Feat.Penomeco)’. It was very cold back then, and the music video filming team was the same team as then. It was also memorable that it was cold, but there was a scene where the three filmed together at dawn, and it was fun to shoot that scene. Even during the waiting time, they kept talking about ‘Show Me the Money 9’.

A. Choi Ja: While shooting the music video, I saw each other and liked it. Rather than saying that they were ‘good-looking’, I felt ‘Oh, I really like this face’. It was fun to see him pretending to be cool.

Q. What is the ‘SOON’ listening point?

A. Gaeko: I think it’s the lyrics. There are many things, such as a beautiful melody and a good beat, but it would be good if you listen to the lyrics carefully.

A. Choi Ja: It is a song that makes you feel that spring is coming in the cold winter. It’s a song like a signal that tells, ‘It’s going to be hard now, but it will get better soon and it won’t get hard anymore.’

Q. What kind of song do you want ‘SOON’ to reach the public with?

A. Gaeko: I just want everyone who listens to sympathize for a while and receive comfort.

A. Choi Ja: In some ways, the situation can become extremely sensitive, and it can make it impossible to see reality as it is. There is a hope that this song will give you the courage to see reality as it is.


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