Han Hye-jin was shocked by a behaviour of boyfriend and his brother “It’s creepy!” Surprise (Love Counselling 3)

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

In this week’s ‘Love Counselling’, the story of a troubled woman who struggles with her boyfriend and his brother’s unintelligible behavior appears.

The 44th episode of KBS Joy’s entertainment program ‘Love Counselling Season 3’, which airs on the 3rd, tells the story of an older film director and a troubled woman in a relationship.

The girl’s boyfriend is a film director, but she is only a prospect who has not yet had a masterpiece. For this reason, the distressed woman bears most of the cost of the date, but one day, the distressed woman unexpectedly receives an expensive gift.

After that, the distressed woman frequently dates with her boyfriend and his brother. There is even an incident where the boyfriend and his brother arrive at the house where they are preparing a home party and have to spend time alone.

Hearing the story, Han Hye-jin said, “Why is his brother coming there. It’s really unusual. Is this a nonsense situation?” and Kim Sook said, “Are you three dating. Why should a boyfriend only have his girlfriend and his brother?” do.

But something really serious happens after that. Han Hye-jin was surprised when an unimaginable incident occurred, saying, “It’s creepier than ever,” and Joo Woo-jae also said, “All of my brothers are weird. I don’t understand the most since the open relations.”

While gathering curiosity about what happened to the distressed woman, her boyfriend, and his brother, on this day, the studio analyzed the psychology of the boyfriend’s brother and the propensity of the boyfriend, and held a heated discussion to identify the problems of the troubled woman’s relationship.

As such, KBS Joy’s ‘Love Counselling Season 3′, which analyzes and supports viewers’ love through the gaze of a third party, is broadcast every Tuesday at 10:50 pm

Meanwhile, KBS Joy can be viewed on Skylife #1, SK Btv #80, LG U+tv #1, KT olleh tv #41, and KBS mobile app’my K’. Regional cable channel numbers can be found on the KBS N homepage (www.kbsn.co.kr), and more videos of ‘Love Counselling Season 3’can be found on major online channels (Youtube, Facebook, etc.) and portal sites. I can.


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