Hopipolar Ha Hyeon-sang, ‘3108’ concept poster released

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

The band Hopipolar vocalist Ha Hyun-sang has released the concept poster for the new song ‘3108’ for the first time.

Ha Hyun-sang launched the concept poster of the digital single ‘3108’ through the official SNS, and started a full-fledged comeback countdown.

The published poster has a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere with images using sensuous fonts. In particular, the ‘speed of light’ is expressed as the song title ‘3108 (3×10^8km/s)’, drawing attention.

This formula expressed the desperate desire to run faster than the light and return to the past, and stimulated curiosity about the new song ‘3108’.

On the 10th, Ha Hyun-sang will release the digital single ‘3108’ and make a comeback. It is a solo song released five months after the second mini-album ‘The Edge’ released in June, and it raises expectations by predicting the sophisticated music unique to Ha Hyun-sang, which is different from Hopi Polar.

Ha Hyun-sang participated in the lyrics, composition, and arrangement of all the songs of the mini albums ‘My Poor Lonely Heart’ and ‘The Edge’, including the singles ‘Dawn’ and ‘US’ so far, as a new song ‘3108.’ The attention is paid to the new appearance to be shown as’.

Meanwhile, Ha Hyun-sang will release the digital single ‘3108’ on the 10th.


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