‘Taste of Wife’ Park Hwi-soon and Cheon Ye-ji, a 17-year-old beautiful younger bride first revealed

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

“A comedian marries a beauty?!”

Comedian Park Hwi-soon enters the ‘Taste of Wife’ ahead of marriage, and is the first to unveil ‘a week of honeymoon’ with a 17-year-old beautiful younger bride.

In episode 122 of TV CHOSUN’s entertainment program ‘Taste of Wife’ to be aired on the 3rd, the ‘Marriage Goal Popularity’, which made the masses by the couple Park Hwi-soon and Cheon Yeji. The couple will show their lives and causes laughter and excitement.

Park Hwi-soon, who specialized in Roh Bachelor characters from Yook Bong-dal to Noryangjin Park, raised his curiosity about the future bride when he announced the marriage. In this regard, Park Hwi-soon made the first public release of Cheon Ye-ji, a 17-year-old bride who looks like Yoon Eun-hye through ‘Taste of Wife’, and made the studio excitement.

Moreover, Park Hwi-soon provoked the love cells by telling her that she fell in love with Cheon Ye-ji, who was working as a planning staff for the event she participated in, eating gamma soup happily. It was successful, and after burning the passion of 600km round trip for half a year before reaching the goal of marriage, the full story of the romance that we lived with was revealed, revealing the one-sided spirit towards Cheon Ye-ji.

In particular, the two people who agreed to enjoy their honeymoon in advance of their wedding in November gave a vivid picture of a week of their honeymoon. In particular, the site of a mysterious scene that starts the day with the sound of an alarm full of charm, “It’s time to take medicine~ Torrong” was captured. The sound of the alarm and the appearance of Park Hwi-soon, who opened her eyes, faces numerous medicine bottles, arousing curiosity about the identity of the medicine bottles that wake Park Hwi-soon’s morning.

On the other hand, Amatpam was surprised by Cheon Ye-ji’s express housewife who volunteered for Park Hwi-soon’s gum shell. The appearance of Cheon Ye-ji approaching Park Hwi-soon, who is exercising in the morning with a stiff body, and gently correcting her posture, made me laugh, reminiscent of a rehabilitation hospital. In addition, the appearance of Cheon Ye-ji shaving next to Park Hwi-soon preparing to go out, and the appearance of a husband like a 44-year-old son and a 17-year-old wife surprised the viewers. Park Hwi-soon and Cheon Ye-ji, who look like they are newlyweds from a close look, are attracting attention to ‘a week of honeymooners’.

The production crew said, “Park Hwi-soon and Cheon Ye-ji are enjoying a sweet honeymoon with respect to each other so that hearts do not leave their eyes throughout the filming.” Please support me.”

Meanwhile, episode 122 of the TV CHOSUN entertainment program ‘Taste of Wife’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 3rd (today).


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