‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ Moon Jung-hyuk reveals the identity of Yoo In-na… Divorced couples start ‘cooperation’

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In ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, Moon Jung-hyuk revealed her identity to Yoo In-na and started working together.

MBC’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ (screenplay Lee Ji-min, director Lee Jae-jin, production writing and picture) announced the full-fledged cooperation between Jeon Ji-hoon (by Moon Jung-hyuk) and Kang A-reum (by Yoo In-na) who revealed their secret police status, and predicted an exciting development. While the divorced couple’s tremendous unity raised their heart rate, the three-way ending with Derek Hyun (played by Lim Joo-Hwan), who faced the exquisite timing, sparked more fire in the ‘thrilling’ romantic spy.

Here, the long romance narrative of Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang A-reum adds special fun: Kang A-reum, who chose to break up because he did not know the secret of Jeon Ji-hoon, and Jeon Ji-hoon’s hidden past, who had no choice but to accept the heartbreaking breakup to protect love. Made the hearts of the viewers feel. If you know this, I have pointed out the special moment of ‘true love’ of Jeon Ji-hoon, a ‘love man’ through lines.

#“You need to let go of it now to be beautiful” The heartfelt sincerity of love and leaving

Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang A-reum fall in love at first sight and become a couple. However, the marriage between the two did not last long. Jeon Ji-hoon, who could not reveal his identity, had no choice but to hurt Kang A-reum. Jeon Ji-hoon, who suffered the tragedy of losing an information source during the operation, inflicted irreparable wounds to Kang A-reum. In the end, he concluded that work and love are incompatible. “I want to fail my marriage. It’s the only way to do beautiful things. I made a heartbreaking choice, saying, “You must let go of it now so that you can be beautiful.” So that Kang A-reum had no regrets about the breakup with him, he asked Interpol’s colleague Hwang Seo-ra (played by Cha Ju-young) to make a false affair. It was Jeon Ji-hoon’s foolish love, who only thought about Kang A-reum’s happiness, even though it remained a resentment to Kang A-reum.

#“You’re also cooler than that woman” Moon Jung-hyuk’s unobtrusive moment,’Yoo Inna Fool’, a lover who cannot hide

Jeon Ji-hoon’s love is ongoing. Longing was buried in the narration that “I waited for this moment” at the reunion after 5 years. I left because I love you, but like Hwang Seo-ra’s words, “Why do my eyes get moist every time I talk about Mr. Arum!”, my heart toward Kang A-reum popped out without hiding it with eyes, words, and actions. Jeon Ji-hoon’s armful moment is also evident in his brilliant lines. Kang A-reum, who doesn’t believe in her identity, said, “If you’re the secret police 007, I’m Scarlett Johansson.” You aren’t chewy, but you’ll fight well even in a dress,” he said. Jeon Ji-hoon’s sincerity, hitting the hook at the moment he was off guard, stimulated the excitement.

#“I won’t touch your life” Moon Jung-hyuk’s love method to watch from a distance

Jeon Ji-hoon’s love method is to watch Kang A-reum one step away. Jeon Ji-hoon, who asked for money by calling Kang A-reum, who was injured in a fight with a ghost, and came to the hospital, pretending to be unaware, understood his condition with his voice alone. His smile, saying, “I think it’s okay,” aroused regret. As much as I know Kang A-reum, I tried to protect his heart. Promising cooperation and telling Kang A-reum, “I will not touch your life. I will finish the investigation as soon as possible and put it back in place,” said Jeon Ji-hoon’s deep consideration. The two people who took off a misunderstanding and started working together. The attention is paid to what variables Jeon Ji-hoon’s unchanging love will act as before their intelligence.

MBC Wednesday-Thursday mini-series ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ will be broadcast on the 5th at 9:20 pm


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