Lee Bong-ryeon joins JTBC ‘Run On’ with Shin Se-kyung

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Bong-ryun confirmed to appear in JTBC’s new drama ‘Run On’.

Actress Lee Bong-ryeon, who is captivating the public’s hearts with his solid acting skills, is joining JTBC ‘Run On’ (screenplay Park Si-Hyun/ Director Lee Jae-Hoon), which is set to broadcast in December. Lee Bong-ryeon is going to show off his shining presence as ‘Park May’, the representative of an imported movie distributor.

‘Run On’ is a romance drama in which people who lived in different worlds communicate and form relationships in their own languages, and ‘Run On’ towards love in an era in which communication is difficult while speaking the same Korean language. Lee Bong-ryeon’s resentment is ‘Park May’, a talent who took the so-called elite course, but made it his business simply because he enjoyed the movie. He is a character that stands out with his carefree and cool personality and the cool Gyeongsang dialect.

In addition, Lee Bong-ryeon is a partner and soul mate of Shin Se-kyung, who plays the role of Oh Mi-ju, a foreign currency translator in the play. The chemistry of ‘Park May’ and ‘Oh Mi-ju’, the owners of direct speech, as well as the sweet Warmans that are as good as male and female couples, will be another point of watching the drama.

Since her debut with the musical ‘Five Sketches of Love’ in 2015, Lee Bong-ryeon has captured the hearts of the audience through more than 50 performances including the musical ‘Laundry’ and the play ‘Come to see me’. In addition, she has built a solid filmography by appearing in numerous films such as dramas ‘With You Tomorrow’, ‘While you are asleep’, ‘If the weather is good, I will visit’, the movies ‘Okja’, ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Kim Ji-young, born 1982’.

As such, actor Lee Bong-ryeon, who is delivering laughter and emotions to viewers with a wide acting spectrum and unique charm, is getting more anticipation for the news of ‘Run On’ appearance.

On the other hand, JTBC’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Run On’, featuring Lee Bong-ryeon, will be broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm, starting with the first broadcast on December 16.


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