MBC’s “Ahn Young-mi and Kim Shin-young today (4th) radio one more day off”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedians Kim Shin-young and Ahn Young-mi do not appear on live radio broadcasts on the 4th, and keep by the late Park Ji-sun.

MBC official said on the 4th Maeil Economic Daily Star Today, “Kim Shin-young and Ahn Young-mi are on live radio broadcasting until today (4th).” An official said, “After yesterday (the 3rd), Kim Shin-young’s radio show will be on air with a special DJ, and for ‘2’o clock’s Date’, the recorded broadcast of the musician’s solo propagates.”

In addition to Ahn Young-mi and Kim Shin-young, Jung Kyung-mi and Jeong Sun-hee, who were absent from the broadcast the day before due to the death of Park Ji-sun, will return to live broadcasting on the 4th of ‘Hooray for Two Hours’ and ‘Now Radio Age’, respectively.

Whether it will be broadcast live on the 5th is undecided. Because it is the day of the late Park Ji-sun’s departure. An official added, “As the grief of losing a colleague is great, we will consider the intentions of Kim Shin-young and Ahn Young-mi as our top priority,” he added. “They are ready to return to the broadcast anytime.”

Meanwhile, the late Park Ji-sun was found dead with her mother at her home in Mapo-gu, Seoul. While the entertainment industry was in shock and sadness due to a sudden death, Kim Shin-young and Ahn Young-mi, who were close friends with the deceased before their lives, kept their criticisms without going to live radio broadcasts on the 3rd.

Park Ji-sun’s mother and daughter’s initiation is strictly observed at 7 am on the 5th. Burial site is Incheon Family Park.


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