With Mamamoo ‘Travel’, the album + sound named on the top of the music chart… Everyone believes Mamamoo

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Mamamoo’s new mini-album ‘TRAVEL’ has been a success for both music sources and albums.

On the 3rd, Mamamoo released a new mini-album ‘TRAVEL’ on the 3rd, and showed off the power of ‘Mamamoo’ by ranking first in Genie and No. 1 in Bugs (as of 9 am).

In addition, Naver Music and Melon real-time charts, respectively, ranked 9th and 10th, making it at the top of major domestic music charts, showing off its powerful sound source power.

In addition, Mamamoo sold 101,376 copies on the first day of release based on Hanteo Chart, the nation’s largest album sales volume, with the new mini album ‘TRAVEL’.

Thanks to this, it achieved remarkable achievements in both the sound source and the record record, ranking first in the album charts of Hanteo Chart and Gaon Chart retail stores.

The new mini-album’TRAVEL’ delivers a message of excitement and consolation, as if it were going on a trip with music these days where it is difficult for everyone to enjoy a leisurely time.

The title song’AYA’ has an Arabian flute sound leading the overall atmosphere of the song, and a reggae rhythm is added to complete a more groovy and exotic sound.

Various variations are developed in one song to complete a dramatic composition, and Mamamoo’s splendid performance is harmonized with it, fascinating the eyes and ears of listeners at the same time.

Meanwhile, Mamamoo begins her comeback with the new song ‘AYA’.


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