‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ Go A-ra disappeared? ‘Unpredictable development’

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Go A-ra of ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ has disappeared.

In the 9th episode of KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (director Kim Min-kyung, play Oh Ji-young, production Monster Union) broadcast on the 4th, Goo Lara (played by Go A-ra) was in danger. After confirming the heart, the romance between Goo Lara and Seonwoo Jun (played by Jae-wook Lee), which seemed to only unfold, faced a crisis due to stalker Ahn Joong-ho (played by Kang Hyeong-seok). I raised my curiosity about whether Seonwoo Jun could protect Goo Lara from Ahn Joong-ho, who began to reveal the eerie color.

On this day, after checking their hearts, Goo Lara and Seonwoo Jun expressed their gratitude that they had not been embarrassed to express. Goo Lara recalled the wedding she met Seonwoo Jun and said, “Every time I met you, I felt like a mess. Whenever I do, you are the one who protected me. “You are lucky to have come to my deadly days.” The two promised not to let go of each other no matter what. While still struggling, Goo Lara and Seonwoo Jun, who are growing in love like any fresh lovers, presenting heart-shaped gimbap and expressing unfamiliar affection, gave a happy smile.

However, a dark cloud was approaching the two. Goo Lara’s stalker Ahn Joong-ho began to reveal her true colors. Goo Lara and Seonwoo Jun were shocked to learn that it was Ahn Joong-ho who gave the anonymous gift that had been in front of the house in the past. Goo Lara drew a line to Ahn Joong-ho, who suggested that we eat together until lunch, saying, “If you want to do something else during the lesson, stop”, but Ahn Joong-ho revealed a face hidden behind a friendly smile, creating tension. Then, Ahn Joong-ho also visited the place where Seonwoo Jun works and provokes him, while Seonwoo Jun warned Ahn Joong-ho and tried to protect Goo Lara’s side.

However, despite Seonwoo Jun’s efforts, Ahn Joong-ho persisted. On the day of the contest that Goo Lara and Shin Jae-min (played by Song Min-jae) and the villagers who support them, Ahn Joong-ho injured the arm of Shin Jae-min. Shin Jae-min, who came to the stage with injuries, ended up playing with only one arm and fell into regret. Goo Lara reminded herself of her childhood from the appearance of Jae-min Shin. Goo Lara, who took the heart of Goo Man-soo (played by Um Hyo-seop), who gave applause even to the messy performances, raised his thumb at his student Shin Jae-min like the father of the day.

At the moment when everyone’s happy night was ripening after the contest was finished, Goo Lara, who had answered the phone and went out to remove the parked car, disappeared. Even his cell phone was off the ground, and the car juju was gone. Ahn Joong-ho’s house was the place where Seonwoo Jun headed for somewhere in a hurry. It was the place where Seonwoo Jun secretly followed Ahn Jung-ho, who was fighting somewhere, to find out. Ahn Joong-ho’s house was full of pictures of Goo Lara, and even had a university student ID. While Seonwoo Jun learned of Ahn Joong-ho’s horrifying identity and was in shock, the appearance of Ahn Joong-ho riding in Goo Lara’s car was revealed, adding tension. A year ago, Ahn Joong-ho started stalking after stealing Goo Lara’s wallet with her student ID. While his evil deeds begin, attention is paid to whether Seonwoo Jun can find Goo Lara.

Along with a pleasant and warm story, the appearance of stalker Ahn Joong-ho was revealed, unfolding unfolding unfolding. A gift from the villagers for the new victims ahead of the contest, the sincerity of the new victims who insisted on participating in the contest. The unexpected danger posed to Goo Lara, who grew up through Jae-min Shin, raised tensions. Moreover, besides Ahn Joong-ho, there are many variables remaining in the romance of Goo Lara and Seonwoo Jun. Choo Min-soo (played by Choi Kwang-je) who lost consciousness due to Ahn Jung-ho’s attack, and Seonwoo Jun suffered from being unable to reveal his secret, and Goo Lara, who did not know the truth. Whether they can endure various crises and face each other again, the rest of the story is curious.

The rating of the 9th episode recorded 3.6% of the national household standard (Part 2 / Nielsen Korea), and after the last broadcast, it continued to receive a hot response by renewing its own best. Episode 10 of ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ will be aired at 9:30 pm today.


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