Fall vacation, sudden cancellation of performance…Sex crime suspicion silently

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The band ‘Fall Vacation’ suddenly canceled schedule ten days before. With this, there are speculations that it is because member Jeong Bobby (real name Jeong Dae-wook, 41) was surrounded by suspicion of sexual crime.

On the 4th, the autumn break agency, Your Summer, announced on the official SNS on the 4th that the performance that was scheduled to be held at Nodeul Island Live House on November 14th and 15th has been canceled due to internal circumstances of the organizer.

“We apologize to all the audiences who have been waiting for the performance. We plan to cancel and refund the full amount to those who booked this performance. We ask for your understanding that there may be some delays, so that there is no inconvenience in the refund process. I will do it.”

While interest is drawing on the background of the sudden cancellation of the performance, some speculate that it is due to the suspicion surrounding member Jeong Bobby.

On the 3rd, MBC’s ‘News Desk’ reported on the death of aspiring singer A, saying, “A woman in her twenties who dreamed of becoming a singer a few months ago was found dead with a note stating that she suffered from a person.”

‘News Desk’ said, “The survivors accused the singer and composer of his ex-boyfriend, who was a singer and composer after drinking alcohol, and committed illegal filming and sex crimes.” Mr. A’s acquaintances revealed that Mr. A had been illegally filmed and sexually assaulted by Mr. B when he was dating his ex-boyfriend B, and that he was in pain after seeing the illegal filming video sent by Mr. B.

The police confiscated the singer’s mobile phone and computer and initiated an investigation, and charged Mr. B with the sexual violence criminal penalties and rape charges.

After the report on the ‘News Desk’, interest in Mr. B’s identity increased, and netizens pointed out the fall vacation. Until recently, Jeong Bobby’s SNS, which had been active through social media with fans, unfortunately, has been turned to private after the incident was reported.

Maeil Business Daily Star Today contacted the fall vacation side several times to confirm the facts, but the agency has not been contacted until the 5th, two days after the case was first reported.

Meanwhile, Jeong Bobby made his debut with Brain, who graduated from the Department of Korean Language and Literature and the Department of Russian Language and Literature at Yonsei University, releasing his sister’s Barber Hall’s 1st album, ‘The Pigeon is a Mouse in the Sky’. Afterwards, she showed off her skills as a singer-songwriter, working as a member of Julia Hart and Bobbyville.

In addition, in 2009, with the vocalist Cinnamon of ‘Even Broccoliner’, the album ‘Dried Sand in March’ was released and started activities for autumn vacation. Loved songs include ‘Sometimes I want to hold you crazy’ and ‘3×4′.

Jeong Bobby is also a lyricist and composer, and participates in works such as BTS’ songs ‘Dream Glow’, ‘Answer: Love Myself’, ‘134340’ and Tomorrow by Together’s songs ‘Roller Coaster’ and ’20cm’. did.


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