Jang Jin directed play ‘Ice’ Appeared in Jung Woong-in, Park Ho-san, Kim Sun-ho… 21 year start

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Director Jang Jin’s popular play’Ice’ will be on the stage of Sejong Center S Theater in January 2021. Actor Jung Woong-in, Lee Chul-min, Park Ho-san, Lee Chang-yong, Shin Seong-min, and Kim Sun-ho are scheduled to present a more intense stage.

The play ‘Ice’ is a two-person play with a unique composition, and at the time of its premiere in 2016, director Jang Jin’s unique artist’s imagination, excellent story composition, and tense directing brought a high-quality stage to the topic. Actors with heavy acting skills appeared here to show fantastic performances and received favorable reviews from the audience and critics.

The film is the story of an 18-year-old boy who is accused of a brutal murder case and two detectives who have to make the boy a criminal. There are two detectives who are not real on the stage, but show a strong presence, and two detectives who trace the circumstances of the day of the murder. The tight psychological warfare will add tension to the play, and the silent boy’s answer will stimulate the audience’s imagination and awaken a new sense of sleep.

In this performance, a large number of talented actors were cast. Actors Lee Chul-min and Park Ho-san are on the stage again following the premiere with love for the work, and actors Jung Woong-in, Lee Chang-yong, Shin Seong-min, and Kim Sun-ho are newly joined to infuse the work with energy and vitality, foreshadowing an exhilarating acting ensemble.

First of all, the role of detective 1, who looks soft but cold-blooded, is the drama ‘Fly Dragon’ with actor Jung Woong-in, who is active in various genres such as the drama ‘Fly Dragon’, ’99 billion woman’, and the play ‘Richard III’. Actress Lee Cheol-min, who shows a heavy presence with charismatic acting through ‘Penthouse’, drama’Sleek Gampan Life’,’My Uncle’, musical ‘Big Fish’, etc. Actor Park Ho-san, who received favorable reviews while catching, is cast and presents the role of Detective 1 with 3 people and 3 colors.

Unlike the rough appearance, the second part of the detective, which has a human aspect, appears in a number of works such as the musical ‘Sidereus’, ‘Sweg Age: Shout Chosun’, and the play ‘The Secret of Flowers’, and the stage is completed with stable and skilled performance. Lee Chang-yong, an actor who enhances the drama, ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Portrait of Dorian Gray’, and the musical ‘Midnight: Actor Musician’. Actress Kim Sun-ho, who emerged as a rising star by appearing in ‘1 Night 2 Days’ and the play ‘Memory in Dream’, has a wide acting ability as well as a solid fandom and plays.

The most anticipated play ‘Ice’ of the first half of 2021, which is raising expectations with elaborate scripts, solid direction, and acting ensembles by actors, will open on January 8, 2021 at S Theater, Sejong Center for the Arts.


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