Joining Kim Sun-ho, confirming appearance in the play ‘Ice’ [Official]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Kim Sun-ho goes on stage with the play’Ice’.

On the 5th, the agency Salt Entertainment said, “Actor Kim Sun-ho has confirmed the appearance of the play ‘Ice’, which will open in January 2021. Please give warm support to actor Kim Sun-ho who will greet the audience through the stage.”

The play ‘Ice’, in which Kim Sun-ho joined, is a two-person play with a unique composition, about a 18-year-old boy who was assigned as a suspect in a brutal murder case and two detectives who had to make the boy a criminal. ‘Ice’, a topical work by the recognized director Jang Jin, is not real on the stage, but there is a boy who shows a strong presence and two detectives who point out the circumstances of the day of the murder. Among them, Kim Sun-ho is planning to inspire new vitality in the work by taking on the role of ‘Detective 2’, which has a human face unlike his rough appearance.

Kim Sun-ho is receiving a lot of attention and love from the public by appearing in the TVN Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Startup’ (screenplay Park Hye-ryeon, director Oh Chung-hwan) and KBS2 entertainment program ‘1 Night 2 Days Season 4′. The news of his play appearances predicts a big success in various fields between the home theater and the stage.

The news that Kim Sun-ho, who is having a more sincere busy day than anyone else, will return to the theater stage one year after appearing in the play’Memory in dream’ which ended last January, adds to the joy of the audience and is hot. It is causing a reaction. In this regard, attention is paid to what kind of appearance Kim Sun-ho will show through ‘Ice’.

On the other hand, the play ‘Ice’ starring Kim Sun-ho will open on January 8, 2021 at the Sejong Center for the Arts, S Theater, and the tvN Saturday drama ‘Startup,’ featuring Kim Sun-ho, will be broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.

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