JYP, mentoring for dreaming children…Shim Eunji composer lesson concluded

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Shim Eunji, a composer of JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP) and JYP Publishing, presented a special moment to a child with leukemia.

Lee Kun-hee, whose dream of becoming a producer, was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia in November 2018. Since then, it has overcome six anticancer treatments and has been continuously managing after successfully completing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

He studied music alone to make his dream come true even during his fight against illness, and he have a desire to take lessons from the in-service writers.

JYP received such a story through Make A Wish, and made a meeting with Eunji Shim, a composer under JYP Publishing and who made a number of K-pop hit songs.

On the 4th, Lee Kun-hee met the artist Shim Eun-ji and received mentoring to help them create songs, such as feedback on the songs they have worked on, keyboard lessons, composition know-how, and experiences.

Writer Shim Eun-ji said, “It was a short time, but I hope it will be an experience that advances the time to realize your dream of being a composer. I look forward to meeting you as a composer versus a composer in the future.”

Lee Kun-hee said, “I had a lot of things I didn’t know while studying on my own because of the treatment, but today’s lesson seems to be a turning point. I thanked the composer for complimenting my song. I want to make music that can show my color in the future.”

JYP also presented a computer that can work with music in order to contribute to his dream.

Meanwhile, JYP signed an MOU for social contribution projects with Make-A-Wish in June of last year. Since then, the representative CSR activity, ‘EDM (Every Dream Matters!: All dreams in the world are precious)’, has been carrying out a wish-fulfillment activity for children with incurable diseases.


Photo courtesy of Make-A-Wish Korea Branch

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