‘Lottery Singer’ Jo Jang-hyuk 2nd stage… Touch the emotions with the story of an adult man

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Jo Jang-hyuk, who captured the hearts of people with his husky voice, touches the emotions of the audience judges.

At 8:45 pm on the 7th (Sat), MBN’s ‘Life Reversal Music Game Show-Lottery Singer’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Lottery Singer’/Director Yoo Il-yong) will give a deep resonance to the home theater again. to be.

On the first stage, Jo Jang-hyuk scored the highest score with a sang sang of ‘Please’ of Shim Gyu-seon and the Epitone project and received 2783 points (out of 3,000 points), but chose to challenge again and left a regret. He caused everyone’s regret, “I have to try to surpass that score. The record is breaking, so I hope I can break it.”

And the scene that heard Jo Jang-hyuk’s second stage selection is colored with admiration and surprise. As the husky voice of Jo Jang-hyuk wraps around the stage, the singers in the waiting room simply stare blankly without talking.

In the beginning, the song will have a slower ballad feel than the original song, and in the middle, it will be transformed into a powerful tango, expressing the emotion of a ‘male adult’ and adding a deep lingering lingering effect. The emotions poured out here convey comfort to the elderly men who have endured the storms and years, and show the power of music without filtering.

After the stage is over, some of the audience’s judges shake off the bead and repay the song, while Cha Tae-Hyun and Park So-Hyun silently decide Jo Jang-hyuk as the top six. In response, Kim Gura expressed his frustration, saying, “You shouldn’t play with Jo Jang-hyuk (card) anymore,” and said that he strongly pushes his pick, Jo Jang-hyuk, to the top six, raising expectations for the stage he will decorate.

In addition, after the stage of the re-challenge 6 singers, the final result of Group B will be announced live. The curiosity toward broadcasting is increasing.

On the other hand, viewers can predict the top 6 singers they think of on the winner prediction page (URL=http://lottosinger.grm.ntruss.com/main/main) and make ‘winner selection’. In addition, if you scan the QR code exposed at the top of the broadcast with a smartphone camera, you can easily access the’Select Winner’ page. Group B ‘Winner Selection’ ends at 10:00 pm on the 7th (Sat).

Jo Jang-hyuk’s stage, who has proven his class with his extraordinary selection and voice, can be seen in the MBN entertainment program ‘Life Reverse Music Game Show-Lottery Singer’, which will be broadcast at 8:45 pm on the 7th (Sat).

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