What happened to Poppin Hyun-jun in ‘Salimnam 2’?

[Reporter Yang So-young on Daily Economy Star Today]

What is the reason Poppin Hyun-jun’s mother remembered her own mother?

In KBS2’s ‘Mr. House Husband’, broadcast on the 7th, the story of Poppin Hyun-jun’s mother who is worried about her children is drawn.

On this day, Poppin Hyun-jun’s mother was worried about the couple and artist Hyun-jun, who are shooting outdoors in the chilly weather, so they prepared cold-warmed goods and boiled nurungji for better digestion. The mother, who came to see off the family leaving the house for the filming, expressed her desire to accompany her, worrying about Arti, but she was forced to stay at the house due to Hyun-jun’s pressure.

Afterwards, a friend of her mother, who visited the house to meet her mother, advised her to prepare food for the filming news of the Hyun-jun family and to save her son’s and daughter-in-law’s energy. it started.

When she arrived at the set with a blanket and sleeping bag for the artist, and Kimbap for the Hyun-jun family and staff, she went inside following Ari’s instructions. Unlike Artist, who is pleased with, Hyun-jun said with a firm expression, “Why are you here?” Her mother couldn’t hide her regret at Hyun-jun’s blunt attitude.

In fact, Hyun-jun was in charge of acting as well as directing on this day and was keen to direct the shooting process.

My mother, who returned home with the rest of the kimbap, suddenly remembered her mother while talking with her friends about what happened on the day. Then, when she was in school, she said that her mother who came to school with a lunch box revealed that she was embarrassed and said, “It’s just me,” and the reason is attracting attention.

In the meantime, the appearance of the couple, who wore extraordinary makeup, was revealed, and the Hyun-jun family on this day aroused curiosity about what kind of filming took place with the artist.

The story of Poppin Hyun-jun’s mother who visited the filming site will be revealed through KBS2 ‘Mr. House Husband’ at 9:15 pm on the 7th.


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