3 years imprisonment as a representative of entertainment agency for’stopping the lime fund’

[Reporter Jeongeun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

A representative of an entertainment agency, who was convicted of buying bad debts with Lime Asset Management investments and embezzling money, was sentenced to three years in prison at the first trial.

On the 5th, the 11th Criminal Division of the Seoul Southern District Law (Deputy Judge Lee Hwan-Seung) sentenced Kim, CEO of BS Company, who was indicted on charges such as denunciation and embezzlement under the Act on aggravated punishment for specific economic crimes, to three years in prison.

The judge said, “Even though the defendant knew the Lime Fund was insolvent, he helped conceal it, causing enormous real damage to many people.” The reason for the sentencing was that it was admitted to be accused of participating as an accomplice in the embezzlement of the former chairman of the Hallyu Times’ aunt.

Kim is also accused of embezzling 8.6 billion won worth of funds from the Hallyu Times and BS Company.

The prosecution reported that Kim had suffered damage to the company by investing 20 billion won in the name of the company at the request of former chairman Lee, and then investing it in the Hallyu Times, whose audit opinion was rejected, and handed him over to trial in August this year.

Previously, Lee Jong-pil, former vice president of Lime, invested 25 billion won in corporations operated by Lee, such as the Hallyu Times, through Lime’s domestic fund ‘Tetis 2’. However, as the Hallyu Times was on the verge of delisting due to refusal of audit opinion, and the possibility of loss to the fund increased, it started to ‘block the fund’ to compensate for the loss with funds from other funds.

In this process, former vice president got to know Kim through the introduction of former chairman Lee, and Mr. Kim was investigated as taking an investment from Lime’s other funds and investing in the Hallyu Times again, acting as a ‘channel’ of funds and participating in the blockage. done.

The prosecution reported that Kim had conspired with former chairman Lee and deducted about 7 billion won from the BS Company and the Hallyu Times, and wrote the charges of embezzlement in the complaint.

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