Bucheon Film Festival 4th Crown ‘Feast Day’, teaser trailer released

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

On the 6th, a teaser trailer for ‘Feast Day’, which was honored with four crowns at the 24th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, was released.

The 24th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival’s work award, actor award (Ha Jun), audience award, and distribution support award, the crew’s work ‘Feast Day’, which won four awards, has released a teaser trailer that raises expectations for the movie.

‘Feast Day’ is a well-made drama that tells the story of unknown MC Kyung-man, ironically, having to laugh at a feast on the saddest day to pay for his father’s funeral.

The teaser trailer begins with the voice of his younger brother Gyeong-mi (So Joo-yeon) crying and looking for his brother Kyung-man (Ha Jun), and Kyung-man arriving at his father’s funeral. It shows the tight reality of having to pay for the funeral without having to wake up with the sudden death of his father, raising sad sympathy and curiosity about the movie.

With a copy of ‘Father’s funeral day, I’m heading to the feast’, there is an ironic appearance of unknown MC Kyung-man heading to the feast for his father’s funeral. Then, on the saddest day when I want to cry, I can see Gyeongman smiling brightly at a funeral event for funeral expenses, and it evokes a deep sympathy for the situation in which everyone has to laugh even though they want to cry at least once in their lives.

Along with this, the teaser trailer for ‘Feast Day’, which ends with the image of a grandmother who suddenly collapses during an eighth party event and Gyeong-mi looking for her brother Kyung-man while guarding the funeral home alone, raises questions about what will happen to the siblings in the future. It will be released in December.


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