‘Drama Special 2020’ PD Eun-mi Hong “‘Modern Girl’ is a ‘The Handmaiden’ Public Broadcasting Edition”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

PD Hong Eun-mi introduced ‘Modern Girl’ as a public broadcasting version of the movie ‘The Handmaiden’.

On the afternoon of the 6th, the online production presentation of KBS2 UHD KBS ‘Drama Special 2020′ was held. It was broadcast live online due to the aftermath of the spread of Corona 19. PD Hong Eun-mi of’Modern Girl’ and actor Jin Ji-hee, Kim Si-eun, PD Yoo Kwan-mo of ‘Crevas’ and actor Ji Seung-hyun Kim Hyung-mook, PD Choi Sang-yeol of ‘The Joy and Sorrow of Work’ and actor Gowon-hee Oh Man-seok attended.

PD Hong Eun-mi said, “’Modern Girl’ is the public broadcast version of the young lady in the movie. If you talk about your posture, you become a spoiler. Please watch a lot tomorrow.”

“Since we have celebrated our 10th anniversary safely, we will show you how we are developing so that we can celebrate the 20th anniversary. The middle part is also available only when there is a one-act play. Although it deals with authorist works, it is an important place for first-time writer-directed actors to try new things. I think it has a huge meaning. When I’m always on a drama special, I prepare as much as a mini-series. Please watch it.”

‘Drama Special 2020’ starts with ‘Modern Girl’ at 10:30 pm on the 7th.


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