Kim Seon-kyung, “I have a bad idea” in the last broadcast before getting off ‘Can I fall in love again 3’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Sun-kyung shared her feelings of depression in the last broadcast before getting off ‘Can I fall in love again 3’.

In the MBN entertainment program ‘Can I fall in love again’ broadcast on the 4th, Kim Sun-kyung and Lee Ji-hoon couple having a conversation while having dinner were depicted.

On this day, Kim Sun-kyung hesitated at Lee Ji-hoon’s request to sing a bright song. “All the songs I know are sad. Celebrities like us said, “When work is delayed or stopped, emptiness comes.” Why should I wear sunglasses? I keep getting bad thoughts. I have a momentary impulse.”

Lee Ji-hoon comforted Kim Sun-kyung, and Kim Sun-kyung thanked him, saying, “I tried to fall into a little depression, but since Ji-hoon shows a bright appearance, my mood changes dramatically.” Lee Ji-hoon also laughed brightly, saying, “What does others care about? We just need to be good.”

Kim Sun-kyung got off the broadcast on this day at ‘Can I fall in love again 3’ for the last time to sell out her acting activities. Lee Ji-hoon remains. 11-year-old Kim Sun-kyung and Lee Ji-hoon attracted attention as sweet love lines, but Kim Sun-kyung mentioned a considerable age difference and confessed that she was suffering from bad comments.

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