Lee Nalchi, today (6th) ‘Heo Ji-woong show’ sortie… ‘Nanwoong of Ganse’ special feature

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Band Lee Nalchi is going to appear in ‘Heo Ji-woong Show’ today (6th).

SBS Love FM ‘Heo Ji-woong Show’, which airs at 11 am on this day, will be decorated with ‘Ganwoong Band Lee Nalchi Special Feature’.

In the broadcast, Lee Nalchi, the protagonist of the song “Bum Coming Down,” which drew a lot of attention on YouTube on the stage decorated with members of the Ambiguous Dance Company will appear.

It was also used in the Korea Tourism Organization promotional video ‘Feel the Rhythm of KOREA’ thanks to the passionate support of netizens, ‘Tiger Coming Down’. This video was loved at home and abroad, exceeding 300 million views total on YouTube and social media. Recently, it was selected as a commercial song for the ‘Korean version of the New Deal’, and sooner or later, the government is planning to film a radio advertisement for the joint Korean version of the New Deal policy.


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