‘On and off’ Koo Jun-yeop “If I have a child now, my child will enter elementary school when I’m 60”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Goo Jun-yeop appears in ‘On and Off’.

On the 7th, tvN ‘On and Off’ will reveal the daily life of Goo Jun-yeop, a member of the legend group Clone and currently active as a representative DJ in the entertainment industry.

On this day, Koo Jun-yeop is planning to show the daily life of ‘sub characters’ who crosses various genres such as bicycle, painting, bike, and DJ. Koo Jun-yeop, who is still living with his mother in the home family, starts the day by eating the rice prepared by his mother. It is said that it made even Seong Si-kyung and Jo Se-ho who were watching.

After getting ready to go out, Koo Jun-yeop rides a bicycle and heads to the studio. Koo Jun-yeop, who was running the Han River, photographed herself with a 360-degree action camera, and revealed that she enjoys exercising, saying, “It is not only fun to ride, but also to take fun.”

In addition, it is revealed that Koo Jun-yeop recently started riding a motorcycle. Koo Jun-yeop, who majored in art, reformed his leather jacket himself and made everyone admire. He explains why he became a form-saeng form company, saying, “You have to wear clothes to increase your confidence and efficiency.” However, he confesses to his mother that he has to keep his back (?) after broadcasting, saying that his mother does not know the existence of this motorcycle yet, and makes the studio a sea of laughter.

Koo Jun-yeop also reveals her appearance as ‘DJ KOO’, who has been working as a DJ for 13 years. In commemoration of the appearance of’On and Off’, Koo Jun-yeop began remixing Seong Si-kyung’s song’Smile Angel’, and a dance party was held in the studio for a completely different piece from the original song. The demonic ‘Smile Angel Remix Version’ that made everyone dance can be confirmed through the broadcast.

On the other hand, on this day’s broadcast, the daily life of ‘Healing Mentor’ Hyemins, who heals people’s hearts with words and writings, is revealed, and rapper Nucksal, who revealed her good life last time, appears as a guest.

The on and off of Koo Jun-yeop will be revealed on the 7th Saturday night at 10:40 on tvN ‘On and Off’.


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