‘Parent debts’ Brothers Microdot-Sanchez, “Recording…”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

The latest status of the rapper Microdot and the Sanchez brothers was revealed.

Sanchez released the photo on the Instagram story on the 5th.

The photo shows the Microdot-Sanchez brothers sitting side by side. Below the picture is a text saying “Good job” in Japanese.

Then, with the article “Recording and having a simple drink,” the side of the Microdot was revealed.

Earlier, the brothers Microdot and Sanchez raised controversy over their parents’ debts. Sanchez’s parents ran a cow farm in Jecheon in 1990-98, borrowing a total of 400 million won from 14 relatives and acquaintances. Each year was sentenced.

Sanchez said on SNS in May, “I am sorry for causing social criticism due to the work of my parents. I will continue to reflect on my mother’s and father’s faults as a child, feel responsibility, and always remember my lack of self, and live by reflecting on myself.”


Photo| Sanchez SNS
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