Soo Ae, the high-quality beauty of a pictorial craftsman

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The behind-the-scenes cut of a pictorial with the charm of actress Soo Ae’s palette was released.

On the 6th, the agency’s studio Santa Claus drew attention by releasing the stills of Soo Ae’s photo shoot site that filled the fall/winter issue of ‘Ropiciel YK Edition’. In the unveiled behind-the-scenes photo, Soo-ae caught the eye by wearing colorful images and exuding a peculiar seductive beauty.

First of all, Soo Ae, who perfectly digested the intense red costume, enhanced elegance by adding a deep and dreamy look. In particular, she proved a pictorial class that could not exude a sacred atmosphere with only small hand movement changes.

In addition, Soo Ae, who wore extraordinary luxury by matching white tone suit and jewelry, confirmed at once what was understated charisma. The naturally distracted hairstyle and delicate gestures doubled Soo Ae’s aura.

On the other hand, Soo Ae, who showed off a monotone and fringe ornament, showed off a mystical charm as she was illuminated by diagonal lines. Here, with only one blink, the opposite atmosphere was created, revealing a unique presence.

In this way, Soo Ae completed the pictorial by showing off the power of fire and fire as if her clothes were wearing Soo Ae. In addition, the charm like a palette was exerted for every wear, and everyone in the field was admired.

Soo Ae in the released cut not only amazed the viewer with a visual and completeness that would be believed to be behind the scenes, but also revealed the aspect of the pictorial craftsman with everything from elegance to charisma and mystery.

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