Ye Soo-jung joins ‘Silence’ with Lee Sun-gyun and Joo Ji-hoon [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Ye Soo-jung joins the movie ‘Silence’ (tentative title), and play the role of an old couple with Moon Sung-keun.

On the 6th, S&A Entertainment, the agency of Ye Soo-jung, announced this news. ‘Silence’ tells the story of people who are isolated on the airport bridge on the verge of collapsing in a thick fog that can’t be distinguished even ahead of them, struggling to survive the unexpected threats lurking in it.

Ye Soo-jung plays the role of Soon-Ok in the play, and is in harmony with Moon Sung-keun and an old couple. It is planned to draw a variety of people isolated at the disaster site.

Lee Sun-gyun and Joo Ji-hoon have confirmed their appearance, directed by Kim Tae-gon, who has been recognized for box office success and directing as ‘Goodbye Single’, and director Kim Yong-hwa of ‘Along with the Gods’ series will be the producer.

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