‘Yesterday’ What is the point of watching the first broadcast that Joo Hyun-mi, Ahn Jae-wook and Kim Jae-hwan recommend?

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MBN’s ‘Life Album-Yesterday’ (hereinafter ‘Yesterday’), with singer and actor Ahn Jae-wook, singer Joo Hyun-mi, and singer Kim Jae-hwan as MCs, will be broadcast for the first time at 11:00 on the 6th. ‘1st generation Hallyu star’ Ahn Jae-wook and Kim Jae-hwan, who has an explosive fandom, have been selected as an MC, as well as the news that ’35th year trot empressor Joo Hyun-mi’ will be the MC of Hong Il-branch and the first episode, which has attracted a hot topic even before broadcasting. Introducing the points of watching MBN ‘Yesterday’, a new concept music talk show that will shake the game of ‘Friday night’ entertainment.

# First + Exclusive ‘Keyword Talk Show’

‘Yesterday’ vividly tells the life story and various secret stories of the ‘Legend’-class protagonist, who are invited every week, through the keyword “life story.” The protagonist tells a sincere story according to the keywords that are revealed, first and exclusive, is expected to mass-produce ‘single’ issues.

In the first episode of Joo Hyeon-mi, a variety of unpredictable keywords including the keyword ‘1988’ are presented, raising questions. In addition, not only the three MCs and the protagonist, but also about 10’life song singers’ will join the studio and unfold stories that can give viewers fun.

# Transcendence of imagination, a surprise guest~

In addition to the legendary protagonist, the super-express ‘Surprise Guest’, which will vividly testify to the protagonist’s life story, is also a fun point. In the first episode, Joo Hyeon-mi couldn’t shut her mouth as well as ‘great pupil expansion’ when the ‘soul mate’ who penetrated her life appeared. At the end of the broadcast, Joo Hyeon-mi said, “This program is not a joke. Later, I would like to have Ahn Jae-wook in this seat.”

# Who is the title song for ‘Life Album’?

The special feature of ‘Yesterday’ is the ‘life song singers’ that are nowhere to be found. In the first episode of Joo Hyun-mi, about 10’life song singers’ including stars Park Se-wook, Kim Da-hyun, Cho Moon-geun, and Kim Hyun-min, born of ‘Voice Trot’, sing special songs based on Joo Hyun-mi’s life story. Starting with Kim Da-hyun’s’It was really good’, Cho Moon-geun’s ‘Short Hair’ and Park Se-wook’s ‘Young Dong-gyo’ in the rain provide beautiful memories and impressions to viewers as well as Joo Hyun-mi.

Joo Hyun-mi selects the title track of her ‘life album’ as well as the sincere appreciation for each stage, and the one that touched the most among them. Interest is focused on who will win the title song of the first ‘Life Album’ among about 10 fierce ‘life song singers’.

‘Life Album-Yesterday’, featuring Joo Hyun-mi as the first protagonist, visits viewers at 11 pm on the 6th.


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